Mia was born in 1964 and grew up in Malmo, Sweden. She has written three
books about her life and work with her gift. Her third book is about how anyone
can become a better listener to the animals and also how one can develop their
personal growing. So far, the books are only published in Swedish. She is now
working on her fourth book.

Mia has been worked in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia & Herzegovina,
Bulgaria, France, Ireland and was also invited to work in Bahrain, in the Middle

After three years in the United States, she lived from 2007 -2011 southern Italy.
Then they moved to Southern Germany close to Black Forrest.
She lives there together with her husband, daughter, son, 15 dogs and
two lizards.

Mia is very involved with neglected animals, animals in war zones and abused

In 1999, she founded Animals without limits, a non-profit foundation to assist
animals from strife-torn areas. For many years previously, Mia had been
working with animals and their owners, one-on-one, to understand and correct
behavior--- behavior of both the animal and their owners. From common house
pets to Olympic horses, exotic animals to show animals and the occasional royal
equine, she has used her gift to understand and interpret for the animals to
their owners. Through her gift and interpretation, behavioral problems could be
understood and better dealt with.

Mia took this experience and knowledge with her to Bosnia in 2000 for an
extended stay. Renting an apartment and receiving supplies, she set about assisting with the establishment and funding
for Spay and Neuter programs in that war-torn land.

Mia didnít expect that she would find herself working with children to explain why they should treat animals humanely, even
when they have suffered inhumane treatment from their neighbors and countrymen.

But in working with children, she came to see that many of the same maladies suffered by the youngest victims of the war
were in turn being inflicted upon the animals Mia sought to help.

She also witnessed the healing ability animals have with those recovering from wounds both physical and mental. Old and
young, emotionally scarred or physically debilitated, they respond to the unconditional love and affection of animals.

Mia is now working full time with her non-profit foundation in the "war zone" Campania Italy www.animalswihtoutlimits.com

On her spear time she loves to write, and every week she writes a column for the Swedish Magazine
Nara(http://www.tidningennara.se/Kronikor1/Mia-Mattsson-Mercer/), Also spending a
lot of time with her family life, taking photographs and reding.